Welcome to Valuen Industrial

Valuen Industrial is one integrated company which contains production, sales and R&D of lab or production scale equipment for application of chemical, biological, food & beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry. 


Our products cover a broad range of applications from distillation, concentration, reaction, extraction, isolation, purification, mixing, drying, and ancillary equipment for supporting those chemical process like heating, cooling and vacuum devices.


We have obtained ISO9001, CE, ATEX and other certifications, and our products have been recognized by international certification laboratories such as TUV and SGS. 


Lab scale equipment or Glass series: www.valuenlab.com


Industrial/Production scale equipment or Stainless Steel series: www.valuenindustrial.com 


Corporate Mission: 

To Add Value To Clients And Their Labs

Corporate Values : 

To Provide Clients High Quality Equipment & Services With Lowest Prices

Corporate Vision: 

To Be A Valued & Trusted Supplier In the Industry of Chemical Processing Equipment